Specializing in true in the moment candids the flagship product is on location live gig candid shots.  You'll get a set of images that will make your promo material pop and your facebook / twitter accounts sizzle.  Unlike most studio shoots, live gig images capture the energy and power of your music as well as your room.

We can also do studio shots at our partner recording/performance studio to simulate that live feel all the way down to intelligent concert lighting.  Fantastic option for the new band needing promo shots to book their first gig.

And of course every band needs a group shot.  Promoters demand them...   guess what - we do them too....   but we like to do it live on stage or backstage while the energy is still pounding from an awesome show.

We can shoot at most any concert or bar/lounge venue on Long Island, but we do ask that the band clear our shoot with the venue, producers and promoters.  On some larger stages we ask for side stage access for optimum angles.